Monday, January 14, 2013

Product Review: Collistar - Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment

For this post, I thought I'd talk about a product that I've had quite some experience with. I've used it before and thought it was good enough for a repurchase, despite the fact that it's not wallet-friendly - especially for a student like myself.

This is the Collistar Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment (with plant stem cells), and it is the Night version of the product. It retails for around 65USD, which is about 50EUR for 8.4 FL. OZ. (250ml). Of course, the price may variate depending on where you live. Now, I pretty much have mixed feelings about this product and you're about to find out why...

"Collistar rediscovers the power of the night with the creation of a brand new specialty which uses the night-time biorhythms of the skin tissues to slim and reshape the abdomen and waistline. Extract of coralline algae inhibits the transformation of the pre-adipocytes into adipocytes and boosts the production of leptin, thus contrasting the nightly assimilation of fat. Hot chili pepper and menthol stimulate microcirculation and the mobilization of fat. The exclusive Collistar Reshaping Complex acts on the fibers of collagen and elastin to firm and tone the skin. Furthermore, the innovative Micro-Patch wraps the body in an invisible 'girdle-film', making it smoother and more compact; carries into the epidermis an extremely high concentration of caffeine; holds the active principles on the skin and releases them gradually."
The first time I used this product was back in 2010. I purchased it in Baku, Azerbaijan where I spent my winter break and along with the cream, I got some type of an abdomen wrap. To be honest, I don't know what material it was made out of, but I'm guessing that's what made the significant difference between the last time I used this and the one I have now. On the box it says that a light tingling and any reddening of the treated areas are a sign of the activity of treatment. When I used this before, I would almost immediately feel a tingling and burning sensation, followed quickly by reddening of my skin. It was pretty weird at first since it was somehow hot and cold at the same time. I'd lather on quite a bit of it and massage it in circular motion all over my stomach and love-handles, then put on the abdomen wrap (or whatever it was), and go to bed with that on. At this time, I didn't really watch what I ate, nor did I work our at all. But, after only a week I began noticing a huge difference in my midsection and I was so pleased with the product that I raved about it to anyone willing to listen.

Last spring, when I joined a gym here in Prague, I decided to repurchase this product for some extra help with getting into shape. Knowing that it worked such wonders for me before made me not think twice about the price. Only this time, there was no wrap included. I would say that this is the reason why it's not really working for me or showing any substantial results, but I also don't feel that tingling, nor does my skin get red on the areas that I put it on... I'm not really sure why this is - maybe they had changed the formula or something, but I am sure that I've come to regret this repurchase and that I won't be buying it again once I run out.

Right now, I use this right before I work out. Can't hurt, right? I'll massage it in, put on a tight tank top and throw on a hoodie. Usually, I don't sweat at all, but I found that this really does help with that, at least. Overall, I'm really disappointed in the product, which is sad because I loved it so much the last time I used it.